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Donations are a wonderful gift to this effort. We are a non-profit group under the umbrella of the Rochester Chapter of the American Sewing Guild (ASG). The ASG is not-for-profit 401(c)(3) group and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Monetary donations

With donated funds we are able to buy fabric, thread, ribbon and other items needed to complete the projects. Any donations are used exclusively for this purpose. Checks should be made payable to the ASG Rochester Chapter and you MUST put "Hat Project" in the memo field of the check for us to get the money. Send the check to either of the following person:

Julia Gent, Treasurer
1071 Cherry Hill Lane
Webster, NY 14580

Fabric donations

Knit fabric must be cotton or cotton blend – no lycra or spandex included and no 100% polyester. Cotton calico can be used for the comfort caps. All fabric must be at least 1 yard in length and full width. Please contact us at before dropping off fabric at any locations.


There is a dedicated group of volunteers who keep this project moving forward. High school groups and Girl Scout troops have continued to provide help and it also provides them with a learning experience.

If you wish to sew hats, we have pre-cut hats and directions available for groups or individuals to sew. Email Gretchen Dent at and she can arrange for pickup of the materials.

Also, if you have a group that is interested in joining us for a specific project, please contact us via e-mail.

Brownie Girl Scouts and the hats they made

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