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The Chemotherapy Hat Project

Our Mission:

To provide the people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in the greater Rochester, New York community with free hats that allow them to maintain self-esteem and keep their heads warm.

The purpose of this web site is not to gather praise (or kudos), but to let the community KNOW what the Chemotherapy Hat Project is about.

We would like to give a special thank you the following organizations for their contributions of money and time to our cause:

  • Judy Vande in memory of her mother Virginia Sweet
  • Jerry Romanowski for another generous donations.
  • Genesee Surgical Associates
  • Altrusa of Rochester
  • Sew Creative for the ongoing donations of fabric.
  • The Maletta Foundation for their ongoing generosity. Our 2016 donation was made in memory of Adriana Maletta who passed away this year. All of our 2016 project donations will be in her memory as well.
  • The Rochester Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.
  • Richard, Liz and Pat for generous fabric donations.
Gretchen Dent, known as "The Hat Lady" around the medical community of Rochester, coordinates the Chemotherapy Hat Project as well as making Mastectomy Pillows and Jackson Pratt Drain Holders. The project works with many community groups, including the Rochester Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. (Read our History.) Among the many tasks that make this project happen are:
  • Purchasing fabric
  • Washing fabric and cutting it into hats ready to sew
  • Preparing fabric and ribbon for pillows
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Sewing the hats and pillows
  • Delivering hats and pillows monthly to the sites under listed on the Deliveries page.
Gretchen Dent
If you have any questions about the project or wish to help, you can find further information on the pages of this web site or you can e-mail Gretchen at .

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